Paletten Art Journal – Redesign One 2010

How do you make a theoretical magazine collectable? When Ritator was commissioned to redesign Sweden’s oldest art magazine Paletten, the challenge was to create a graphic identity that allowed for pictures to be presented in an enticing way, without taking credence away from its editorial content.

For any magazine, the cover is the most important graphic element. The series of covers that were created for Paletten were inspired by Man Ray’s ‘rayographs’. Taking this technique to a slightly more digital level, objects, images, even paint were placed directly onto a scanner bed, which had been engraved with the new Paletten logotype. The result was a series of alluring covers based on both digital and analogue techniques. Ritator’s redesign of Paletten won the gold medal in Sweden’s prestigious graphic design competition Kolla, 2010, with the statement: ‘Well thought through, with interesting covers, carefully planned composition and a selection of typefaces…’