A.B.Café – Identity

Telefonplan is an area South West of Stockholm. During the 1940s, a modern factory was built for the telephone company LM Ericsson. In the surrounding area, residential houses were built for the workers.

Interior architects Jennifer Lindstedt and Mårten Lindgren owned one of the small premises in the area, and used it as a design studio until they started to develop plans for a café in 2014. The spot which once used to be a combined flower/fish shop, was turned into a charming café that sells locally produced food and reflects the owners love and respect for the neighbourhood.

In close collaboration with Mårten and Jennifer, Ritator created an adaptive identity system, where a simple set of typographic guidelines defined by specific layout proportions, can be used across a range of applications from posters to smart phones. This limits the amount of information communicated, resulting in a consistent and clear identity.

Photography: Björn Tesch